Thoughts 4

If we look closely at a cloth all we will see is only threads of which it is made up of. 

The same way if we look closely the Creation we will see only Self.

A great soul witnesses his body’s actions as if they were another’s. 

So how can we praise or blame or disturb ,whom we say “I” am if we are aware that we are all great souls. 

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Thoughts 3

We go on thinking to improve self but all self-improvement is a way to hell as all efforts to make something, somebody out of something as an ideal, are going to create more and more madness. Ideals are the base of all madness and the whole humanity is neurotic because of too many ideals. We need to look at animals, they are not neurotic because they don’t have any ideals so as trees are not neurotic because they don’t have any ideals and are not trying to become somebody else. They are simply enjoying whatsoever they are. 

So we need to see the point – that we are we and the whole, or God, wants us to be ourselves . That’s why we are created by creator as we are otherwise he would have created us into a better model. The creator wants us to be here at this moment as we are and he knows better. He is the whole and we are the part so he knows better than us. All we need is accept ourselves as we are and if we do that we have learned the greatest secret of life, and then everything comes on its own. We just need to be ourselves . There is no need to pull ourselves up. There is no need to be a different height other than we already are. We don’t need to have another face and be simply as we are, and in deep acceptance of it mystics say flowering will happen and we will go on becoming more and more ourselves, the true self. 

This is letting go, it is not an effort that we can do. It is an understanding that you are you, I am I, they are they. 


Thoughts 2

Life is not a living room

It is wild phenomenon

We ask for trouble 

By having a certain idea

Of things should be like this and that 

Our should is creating the trouble

Life never creates trouble

Nor anybody else is creates it

Dropping the should 

We will have no problem

Whatsoever it is is 

It becomes perfectly beautiful 

As we don’t have any criterion to judge it against

Life goes on its own

So we need to drop those fixed ideas

Life nevers follow us

We need to follow life.

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A prayer… A service 

Hurricane Irma is bearing down on the nation’s southeastern coast.

The devastation these powerful storms bring is hard to fathom, with heartache and damage comparable to the immense destruction other Hurricanes brought. Like mine heart goes out to the millions of people who are enduring tragedy I know many more hearts are feeling the pain and hurt let us join in and pray for them.






Oh Source 

Oh creator of this world

Send your angels 

To take charge of whatever is happening 

Help and guard all who are  fighting Irma

Give them, provide them strength 

Make their hands strong 

So that they may bear what’s happening 

I and many cling to you in love

Please Lord deliver to us

Protect them all

We know you are Merciful 

Help us all in this trouble.

Rescue us all

We are all one oh Thee 

We are your creation 

Satisfy all who are facing the tragic with long life and your salvation.

Have mercy on all Lord

Help those affected by Hurricane Harvey

And now help them all affected by Hurricane Irma

Our hearts are breaking as we watch stories on the news,

Dangerous flood

So many lost lives

As rains that won’t stop. 

We trust that you are present in the desperation 

We believe you will shower your grace on the hopelessness that abounds.

Transform our broken hearts 

So they all be agents of your love in the coming days and months.

Source hear our prayer

Show us miracles 

Shower your grace

Bless our brothers and sisters 




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Good and bad 


Followed by bad

As day 

Is followed by night


Follows light



Even if sad

Cry when you feel

Let tears roll

Love what you’ve got

Be grateful for everything what comes and goes 

Remember what you’ve had 


Never forget

Learn from mistakes 

Never regret. 

People change

Circumstances comes 

Things may go wrong



Life still goes on

Will keep going


You and I 


Accept and move on. .

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Suicide… Awareness 

​Suicide …..

On the journey a time came

When I wished I could run away and hide

But wherever I went these feelings stayed inside.

Questioned self can I stay here and live one more day 

When all I wanted to is close my eyes and die

I was in pain 

I was hurt 


But then I closed my wet eyes 

A voice from deep within came

You are in pain and hurt you say 

But do you have right to cause others pain and hurt them 

Do you have right to make them shed tears 

I opened my eyes 

I looked into the sky 

I can still walk the journey 

I will cross the line 

Because if I start smiling again

Life will be smiling for me too

And all will be beautiful too

And my pain and hurt will disappear too. 

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Let’s create awareness…. #suicideawareness .

Life is beautiful 

Life becomes more beautiful when we can share it with others and at times it can also be hard not to get caught up in jealousy when someone is celebrating what we want to see, and long for in our lives. But we need to be no matter what learn to rejoice with others in their good times and be there for them when their seasons of gloom arrive. By simply a word of encouragement from heart to someone in pain or suffering from a loss can change their sadness into smiles. We need to learn to be like the pillow for someone to cry on and in  turn for sure when if bad times come on our path we will always someone to help cushion the effect of our pain. It is surprising how much relief someone who cares can bring to us in our time of pain and how much we can give in their hard times. Law of Universe we reap what we sow and so we need to top sow our seeds of encouragement for others today. 

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