Oneness is real

Buddha is intrinsic to being human because if we were not Buddha, we could not be human. The word “Buddha” means “an awakened one,” one who is awake to things as they really are, without the coloring and attachments of our individual conditioning. So another meaning of Buddha is our unconditioned nature. 

We are all a connected whole, interrelated, one organism. All we need is to be creative,loving, meditative and share. And the more we share, the more existence will shower on us flowers of blissfulness and ecstasy.

The only good is to be in a position of oneness, so that we are not in a constant conflict within ourselves because that conflict destroys us,  leaves no energy to be shared. When we are one, the energy becomes so much that we become almost like a rain cloud, so full of rain that it wants to shower somewhere or other.Sharing is the most precious religious experience.

From head to mind 

We need to go to the very #root of all #diseases and #cut that very root. #Creating self without #ego, without #ambition, without any #desire to succeed in the #world. We need to be the #human-being who wants to #dance, #sing, #love, #celebrate life.When our #so-called mind will #disappear there is just pure #emptiness, #virgin emptiness, out of that virgin emptiness arises #creativity. A #thousand #flowers will #bloom in that emptiness.

Happiness is attitude 

When we #spend #time in #aloneness we increase #self-love, #self-reliance, and #resourcefulness. Aloneness makes us an #independent #person, relying on self as our own best #teacher, #friend and #caretaker. We will start to look more at the best #interests of #ourselves. The greater we desire happiness the more we will be blessed with shadow, unhappiness. We will get more frustration because the way to be happy is to be happy here and now, present. Happiness is not a result, happiness is not a dependence of others, it is way of living life. It is an attitude not a desire. The more we search outside and in others the more sadness we will be gifted with. 

I am grateful ….500 followers 

Just 7 months ago when I was feeling lonely for first time ever I started writing to let me, myself know what is going on within me. Slowly you wonderful people starred liking and reading and commenting on my words. I was feeling a lovely family growing and today I have 500 people in my tribe. I thank you from heart for been so wonderful and amazing and kind. You all have given me a lot to move on. 

We are not even doer is to be understood. 

There is #nothing that requires our #presence to be necessary to happen. Everything takes place, even without us. #Sleep ,#hunger, #birth, #death comes all these happen by #themselves.But we tend to presume all that happens by itself as #motivated by us. 

According to Lao Tzu, the biggest #delusion of #Man is, that he claims himself the #doer of all that #happens. To become the doer of that which happens, is the #biggest of #ignorance……