Writing Challenge Ideas

this is fun and inspiring ……..
writing challenge ideas which popped in my mind….
1…..what is love and is the other responsible if the relationship breaks?
2…….if we cannot make our dreams come true is someone else responsible for it?
3……..are parents ,society responsible if we fail to grow our inner self?

Still Another Writer's Blog

Seeing that writing challenges are quite popular among the writers here on WordPress, the following thought occurred to me: why not have a writing challenge about developing a writing challenge?

So, here is what I ask: reblog this post on your blog, and add your three best suggestions for a writing challenge.  From the list we collectively build (and based on “likes” to reblogs) we will offer a series of writing challenges we can all do together.  (Keep the challenge idea SHORT.  One or at most two sentences.)  We will keep deadlines short (maybe a week) so that we can keep the process fresh.

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