Little harsh reality

Women the most beautiful wonderful creation of the Creator, how can some of the human think in a cheap way about her. Try and see what she in reality is. 

The women is not the weaker sex, as it has been said and have been taught  by man for centuries. The woman is the stronger sex.

Women are more tolerant, more accepting.

Women live longer than men, almost five years more-that’s why we see so many widows in the world.

To be feminine is to become passive, to be feminine is to allow,to be feminine means to be in love thus women are more beautiful.

Women are more patient, more tolerant than men. Men are very impatient and very intolerant.

Women are less violent than men. Women don’t create murderers, it is the man who creates murderers.

Women are a totally different kind of being, I call her divine. Her whole body only needs love and this has nothing to do with sexuality. Her whole body is orgasmic. 


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