Forgiveness Karma

We need to understand the most fundamental thing, we people in general think that forgiveness is for those who are worthy of it,for those who deserve it. But if somebody deserves, is worthy of forgiveness, it is not much of a forgiveness because we are not doing anything on our part the other already deserves it. This does not really tell us as a being of love and compassion. Our forgiveness will be authentic only when even those who don’t deserve it receive it only then it will show our real love and compassion flowing.It is not a question of whether a person is worthy or not. The question is whether our heart ,whether we are ready or not.

A story I read in a mystic book- of a significant woman mystics, Rabiya al-Adabiya, a Sufi woman who was known for her very eccentric behavior. But in all her eccentric behavior there was a great insight. Once, another Sufi mystic Hasan was staying with Rabiya. Because he was going to stay with Rabiya, he had not brought his own holy Koran, which he used to read every morning as part of his discipline. He thought he could borrow Rabiya’s holy Koran, so he had not brought his own copy with him.In the morning he asked Rabiya, and she gave him her copy. He could not believe his eyes. When he opened the Koran he saw something which no Mohammedan could believe: in many places Rabiya had corrected it. It is the greatest sin as far as Mohammedans are concerned; the Koran is the word of God according to them. How can you change it? How can you even think that you can make something better? Not only has she changed it, she has simply cut out a few words, a few lines — removed them. Hasan said to her, “Rabiya, somebody has destroyed your Koran!” Rabiya said, “Don’t be stupid, nobody can touch my Koran. What you are looking at is my doing.” Hasan said, “But how could you do such a thing?” She said, “I had to do it, there was no way out. For example, look here: the Koran says, “When you see the devil, hate him.” Since I have become awakened I cannot find any hate within me. Even if the devil stands in front of me I can only shower him with my love, because I don’t have anything else left. It does not matter whether God stands in front of me, or the devil; both will receive the same love. All that I have is love; hate has disappeared. The moment hate disappeared from me I had to make changes in my book of the holy Koran. If you have not changed it, that simply means you have not arrived to the space where only love remains.”

We all want to be forgiven if we make a mistake,worthy or unworthy we don’t see,right..then why can’t we simply forgive the other .Simple the other also expects the same behaviour as we are expecting from them…asking a question to self,Do we want others to make us realize our mistakes or want them to forgive us? Now simply putting ourselves in his place the answer we get ,so why we say some are worthy some are not,who are we to decide. 

Just understanding all people ,all animals,all things of the whole world likes that no one hurts them ,the same what we want ….this understanding is spiritual living.  धर्म(DHARAM) or say creed on spiritual living is that we should not hurt someone from thought,body,word,action. Moral Science teaches us that we should treat others the same way we want to be treated by others.,the essence of Buddha.The behaviour we want from others we need to act that way.A bit hard in the world today but trust me as I trust spirituality we will suddenly meet people of same vibes.

How can we ever be happy by being jealous of others,by criticizing others,how can we be happy by hurting others ,we cannot be ,for sometimes maybe we feel good but in a few moments our whole self will start suffering ,now this is Karma….nothing going to happen later everything happens in the same period. We somehow think Karma is something which will happen later and maybe God will punish afterwards,come on we need to be knowing why will God even hurt us,we are his loving childrens..he can never see us suffer,never. We get what we give in just few moments itself ,only a bit of deep understanding of self is needed to realize this. When ever you hurt someone or even think bad of someone see into your heart there suddenly will arise chaos ,noises ,unhappiness and this itself is Karma.Somehow we are growing in ages but we are still childlish in thinking that there is some Karma to happen later.

karmasee you throw a book the near book will fall on you …..this is Karma.

Let me help you with more practical example……with a prayer. First prayer “Oh LORD in this world whoever are whether human,animals,plants,tress,insects may all have peace ,may all be happy,may all be free from suffering,may all get love,may all be good”…..observe the feelings of your heart.                 Second prayer”Oh LORD whoever all are whether human,animals,plants,trees,insects living in this world may suffer,may die,may always be unhappy,may always remain in misery”……..observe the feelings deep inside. I am so sure there is feeling of guilt after second prayer ,see this is Karma the moment we even think bad (action) the feelings in heart(result) is there. The heart beats faster after second prayer which was beating so softly after first prayer.There is no theory to study about Karma all is practical,instant,nothing in future.

Now with this first prayer the world is not going to change,nor things will be like we want but we will feel at peace,we will be in BLISS,the ultimate goal of life.The problems of the world will be there but things around us will change.When we ourselves are happy and in peace we around us will create happiness and people around us will be happy and in peace all because we are sending positive vibes. The new science also accepts that the universe, including us, is made up of energy, not matter. … Quantum physics says that as you go deeper and deeper into the workings of the atom, you see that there is nothing there – just energy waves. Thus the waves we send will come back to us.Therefore the more relaxed we are the more possibilities of been successful .If our inner self is understood and we can meditate it will bring us to the state of a rain cloud, we will forgive everyone without any judgment out of our abundance, out of our love, out of our compassion and won’t then think who is worthy or who is unworthy.





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