Life starts before death

Life is far bigger, wider a thing then the two words or happening, birth and death. Birth and death are not just the two ends of life because many births and deaths happen within a single life. Life has no beginning thus no end possible. Life is eternity….. … 

Life starts beginning at the point of our past life’s death. When we die it is just that a chapter of life has ended or the people who are there, for them life has ended. Life in itself is a book with infinite chapters, if one chapter is finished the book is not yet closed. All it is that a page is turned and another chapter begins. It is the person who is dying has visualised his next life and law of Universe gives what is visualised. The next page is already opened before a chapter closes. All that things – frustration, anger, love, hatred, pain, success, failure comes to us because all these have been desired by us even before the next page was opened. Nothing happens by chance, what is desired is got. 


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