Steps to manifest…….lets climb ….by questioning and learning and doing

What is it that I want? What do I need in my life in order to really be happy?

Why I want, what I want ?Do I really need it or not?(Be careful what we wish for, cause we might get it before been prepared) 

Who would benefit from having these things happen?Who would benefit once we have these wishes fulfilled?(If more people will benefit from it, the better)

How would we feel once we get what we want? How would we feel once we have this wishes materialized?(Choosing to embrace all of these feelings, as if whatever we want, has already happened.)

KEY—–{whatever we need, the Universe will supply. We need to know it and act upon this knowing. Leaving all our doubts behind.}

KEY 2—–{Feel all of those feelings that come from having all our needs and desires met, and choose to express our gratitude for them all, every single day.}

KEY 3—–{We need to take responsibility for our life and for the incredible power that is hidden in each and every single one of us.We simply have to stop playing the victim game–by doubting the Universe and ourselves.}

THE GAME PLAN—–We need not put a deadline on our dreams, but rather know that it’s going to happen, as it has happened in our mind and it will definitely happen in the real life, and all we need is to be ready to embrace the opportunities that will come our way,and  be ready to encounter all kind of wonderful people who would want to help us get wherever whatever we want to get, and also, get ready for all kind of interesting “coincidences” that will come our way.

THE FINAL KEY—-MEDITATE……..while we meditate, we need to pick one thing that we want to achieve,see how happy we are, feel those feelings, get familiar with them, embrace them, own them.


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