A little what I learned in three months of lost love—

Love is a human emotion. Human beings are capable of love when they are willing. Everyone says that Love Hurts but its not true in reality it is the loneliness ,rejection,ignorance which hurts.The thought and to be blunt the losing of someone hurts.
It is just our ignorant thought that love hurts but if we see before meeting this person and the time with this person how we felt…..I personally was filling all complete,everything beautiful ,everything I wished was as if complete and given to me…thus when this love thought gave me joy ,how can it now hurt….either I was not in love or what I thought is love was not love…..one of two has to be correct…which one….a question to self. In reality LOVE is the only thing that covers up all the pain and makes someone feel wonderful…..complete…..beautiful…..divine. Love is not something that we do. Love is something that we are. We can use somebody as a support to make ourselves  loving or we can simply become loving. It is not somebody else’s quality, it is our quality. We are using the other person as a key to open this up. But we can also open it up from inside without the help of the other person. Then it is definitely more enduring because when we open it with the other person’s help – nobody not even ourselves are 100% reliable. This is just one thing I deeply realized and I can say I am healed ,not saying 100% am but let me be honest 99% healed and that 1% is just my mind which tries to tell me and show me those days and this moment…..just that I am very silly person I now question my mind back I was smiling and happy before I met the lover and I can and will be happy even after the lover is gone because I am I ,the I has or cannot change if I don’t listen to the stupid thoughts you create….the ego of mind gets hurt and it disturbs me less and less….grateful to the mind and Source which is helping me know that is I can do what it wants….either remain crying and create misery or be happy and make others happy….let me tell you if we can give a pure smile to others they bless us with energy of smiles and hey why lose what we are to get….just let go.

If we are trying to extract joy, love and pleasantness out of somebody, this is going to be disastrous for both the people. I by no means am saying that we need  to live alone but all I am trying to say the way we are can be determined only by us. If this is so and we are here to share our love with people, if we are feeling wonderful and we want to share this with somebody, then it will be very beautiful. So be open and get over past so that the door to receive love through another is not closed and we ourselves our love to give love. 

Understand a little this
love is no more there
why the need to hate the other
nobody destroyed it,nobody cheated
nobody had created it even
just a soft sweet breeze came
both enjoyed the moments deep
time to be grateful and thankful
to the person and Thee
time to get up now
allow self to move again
life has not ended dear
walk and jump again

making and giving promises to each other

not that we or they were lying or deceiving

in those beautiful great moments

promises seemed to be coming from the heart.

since those moments are gone now

and the other has also gone

those sweet love promises too will be gone

it seems we are broken and fallen down

but ask are we going to remain in this state for eternity

we need and we all will rise someday

this very  moment we start rising and let go

the beautiful mind has great plans

bringing memories of entanglements,  promises of each other

to create the complexity.

but see rising in love is spiritual.

falling in love is  biological.


13 thoughts on “A little what I learned in three months of lost love—

    • The mind, our ego, conditioned self beliefs make it stronger….. Not we….. The real we are very fragile but more stronger then these moments because each moment is love as we are blessed with another moment of life to live life not die……

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    • No way I wanted to confuse or be the cause of migraine or to hurt the feelings of anyone… Because I see no difference in the other and me as we are all one….. As a human myself but a silly kind me…. I had two choices after many tears got out of my self…. Lost energy and at moments a wish to no more breathe anymore came … But in between those moments a call was there….. Are you going to die each moment forever or try and walk to live…… If I the God am your friend, your lover won’t you trust me…… If you remain hurt who will come to you only some beautiful Souls who will hug you, kiss your forehead, hold you for sometime, guide help you but if you start been happy and start smiling you will spread fragrance of smiles and get lots of energy back and maybe if your heart is open a beautiful Soul comes to fill your life with Love again……. So I may have been blunt in that post and reply to your words but Sarah is there any other option I missed out

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