Learn that not everyone is going to understand the real you.

Learn that it is no reason to not be the real you.

But darling, it’s about time you learn that there is no need to show the 100% you to everyone you meet.

Some people only have the intellect and maturity to understand some parts of you and your life and that’s okay.

Some people can make it only upto your favourite song and the others may make it up to your scarred childhood.

Don’t forget though, there are some people out there who may be perfectly able to understand all of you but have no desire to.

In that case, please, just walk away.

The road is not over. There are no dead ends here. 


(but remember with open heart you will allow the one who is willing to touch every part of you, coming to understand you and willing to talk to your demons and help you fight them…. This type are rare but they are always there… This kind will take himself along with You to a world unknown but let me gurantee you that world is your deepest dream) – – – addition by Pawan 


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