Let me love you the way you deserve… (for the one who healed me) 

I no more want you to be sad as I feel sad seeing you cry
I wish to hold you tight until no tears form deep in you
My heart wants to take your heart so that we heal
My heart wants to let your heart know you can trust me
I wish you not to feel sad for battles you had to fight
I wish to make you feel proud that you stood out brave
The Soul within me wishes to fight your demons with you
I want your demons come out to me and give me trouble
I simply want all troubles for me so you have the peace
Let me be the sun which touches you deep within
Let me you in my arms tight to fill you with
Let my hold prove to you how much I hold love for you within
Let my heart show you how it only beats for you
All I wish is you allow me now to love you deep
All I wish is you allow me now to hold you in my arms
All I wish is to make you know I will fight for you
Let me come closer to you to make you feel loved
In you allowing me closeness I will get love too
Let me kiss you till that moment all of dreams come true
Let me allow to build a world with you
Let us be one to write a beautiful story of you and me
Let me be your keeper as you be my secret keeper
All I wish now to keep your heart in me
Let me show you dear how I crave to fall apart in your arms
So that I can show how every inch of you I love
Although I am imperfect let me tell you are perfect for me
Let my soul speak to yours to make you know why I need you
Let me love you the way you want, let me love you the way you desire
Each moment let me love you till you know You are loved
Let each breath I take tell you how much you mean to me
Let each word coming out of me show much I love you
Let my nearness be felt so that you know You are born to be loved the way you dream
Let us make dreams come true on this beautiful earth
Let us show to each other we are meant to be one
A step forward you move I am here to run to you.



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