The night on the beach

picking you from your house

let us move to the beach

where the beautiful moon is glowing

the ocean crashing waves heard

as I take off your clothes

while you taking mine away

the soft breeze touches our skin

as we start tasting each other’s lips

all I know you wanting is

I seduce you and turn you on

as you know I am turned on

by the look at your sexy curves

the moon showing your beauty

as your grace is shining now

your hot dreamy eyes I see

asking me to kiss you right

I pull you more closer to me

letting serpent touch the garden now

kissing you harder now

to see that you beg for more

trying to use all of you

as I take control of you

I desire to make you squirm

as our mind and soul unite

want to see you have orgasms

from each and every inch of yours

choking and slapping the ass

dominate you as the Dom

fuck you as the Sub of mine.




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