It is on its way – reaching me

Never talk on what we are missing, because what we think about is what expands then we will be continuing to expand of more what we are missing and we will continue to attract what’s missing in our life. … We need to put our attention to what we intend to create  in life….. We need to stop putting our thoughts on what is missing but shifting our focus that what we intend is on its way . Whatever we would like to have and are intending  to attract into our life our whole system our self belief our trust need to say and make us feel that it is on our way. 

I tried manifestation meditation and let me honestly tell you after opening my eyes I am much more calmer then I was, I feel so light now as I attentively listened to Higher Source saying let go and accept what comes, trusting the best will happen for my life. 

Thank you for reading. It would be great of you if you have something to say about it or have any more methods to add. You are most Welcome :). 


4 thoughts on “It is on its way – reaching me

  1. This is very true. I used to focus on what I was lacking in my life and I received more of the same. I have found when I focus on what I do have and express gratitude for it, I receive more of that. – Michelle

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    • Yes, Michelle that is something they say law is…….. What we have is what we are thus we get that….. So first we need to change ourselves then be grateful for it and thus that attracts us. How are You and John… I was at fb and show your account terminated…… Not right thing by the FB people…… But we just accept, move on, let go….

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  2. Its so true that we focus on what we do not have – eg lots of money, time, friends, love etc. The “missing” as you captured. We need to go out to find, create and earn these instead of wallowing in what we do not have.

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    • we are taught and conditioned that way
      given knowledge that all lies outside
      for centuries we keep searching outside
      when things important are in us
      in we-the whole existence is.
      let go outside and see what is there
      earn to survive not live life

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