To whomever it may concern

When I say ‘I love you’, it very honestly  means that I see my world is joining your world to make it our world.  It very honestly means that I recognize and I know that how lucky I am to have you. Remember that when I say ‘I love you’, it means that I always will.

For me love is a precious gift so please don’t love lightly. Because I am that kind who does not know to love gently or softly. I am by nature Dominant so yes my love is going to be hard. Many think ,feel that and will say maybe that I love too much. My kind knows one thing if I love it is going to be more …because when I do it is my body,mind,heart,soul and every inch of energy loving you.

When I have said the three precious words from heart it means that no matter what, waking up to you would be my idea of the perfect morning and sleeping next to you ,with your head on my shoulder will only be the night which would give me peaceful sleep. And when I say I love you it means that I want only you ….forgetting and even making you get over the past forever to build a lovely future together. Your fears are mine now and together with trust ,faith,communication we will handle all that to come on way.


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