Can I…..? 

……… .the mind was then also and now also with me, the heart which I gave to her is what makes life so hard as I know no way to bring it back again…. can I take back the gift gifted.? 


12 thoughts on “Can I…..? 

    • It is not about I getting a gift back…. But once we give the heart to someone as gift I never think is a good idea to ask it back… But if I don’t ask will I not be in past… I don’t want the gift gifted but I need to be happy….. I am responsible for my happiness so I am responsible for creating sadness too….

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  1. If you gifted your heart , it can not be reclaimed …..Any gift once given , is given… will definitely get back another heart from some other person…….what goes around , comes around…….it is a circle…. 🙂

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    • Yes I know it cannot be reclaimed but it looks so hard to move on missing the heart for now… But life teaches pain and pleasure both…. So love gives smiles and tears both… Thank you for the kind words

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