I  am just like the white crayon used, needed once in a while… But I am awesome… Try out

11 thoughts on “So 

  1. If it’s a real thought Pawan, then I am sure that you will get through this, the real one and sincere one will appear to you as in a magical dream, that;s for sure.

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    • Well I am just like the crayon for sure…. Used thrice so far but hey I am grateful to them because they did see my worth….. Now awesome I am because in that moment of their journey I was very important, so yes I am worth…. And cursed some times I feel when from alone state I move to lovely space….. And lol something something happens as so many thoughts arise forming into questions whose answers are funny…. Well miracles I trust in and each breath is magikal so yes… Thank you for so much kindness and love and light… Grateful to you beautiful Soul

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