Relationship – mirror

The people in our lives who make us uncomfortable, who annoy us, who we feel judgmental or even combative toward, reflect parts of ourselves that we reject — usually aspects of our disowned selves, the shadow side of our
personality. If we are a gentle, soft-spoken person, we may be very irritated by a person who seems loud and pushy. Or if we are a direct,outspoken person we may feel uncomfortable with those who hold back and seem overly timid.


4 thoughts on “Relationship – mirror

  1. Perhaps what we reject is meant to be rejected , if you are a good person. Anger , greed, deception, jealousy , lust , arrogance are considered to be qualities that we can safely reject , and sometimes when we are harassed by people who are embodiment of all these feelings …. we do feel impatient and rightly so….

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    • Thank you for reading and writing back…… It is not about I good or bad… All is how we feel inside… If I feel good when I am full of gratitude I will eventually attract more of gratefulness and if I feel full of hatred I will attract those kinds…. So I myself create my destiny…. Depends upon us, only us…. So we see in the other what we are… They show us who we really are

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  2. True , horrible people show us how angelic we are…… 🙂
    Does it mean we attracted them ?
    There are two algorithms
    like poles repel
    Unlike poles attract…..
    Why was Gandhiji a great proponent of Ahimsa died of Himsa ? Did he attract violence because
    he was non violent ?
    It is truly a chance whom we meet , sometimes we do stick to those who are able to express a quality we may have to learn in order to survive in this world. But anything in excess , even goodness can be dangerous.
    Being angry with a man who sexually abused a child does not show us who we are , it shows us how bad he is.
    Being ashamed when we find someone trying to humiliate us does not show who we are it shows he is a bully picking on our vulnerabilities.
    Locus of control is in us , but behaviorist approach to life shows , every action has an equal and opposite reaction.
    I enjoyed the post….

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