I have moved on

No soul mate you didn’t break my heart it was me, myself who broke my own heart the day I trusted, believed that you won’t break mine. I for first time trusting you fell down from grace as it was my thirst for you which started increasing. It was never your fault it was me, myself who met his ruins when I blindly trusted that you will not hurt me.

You didn’t know love and were never in love with me, it was just a fatal attraction. You weren’t my destiny. Indeed it was an explosive collision that crashed. The source didn’t mean to say you were a blessing for me as you came as a bane to my existence. I thought you are my Soul mate but you weren’t a fallen angel but a hidden monster under the mask without a soul.

Maybe you have a charm which makes you capable to be loved. But I now know you just could not love me and I doubt you will ever be able to love someone this life. Remembering your past I now know why you have been in so many relationships when you knew it was my first heart relation.

As I walk alone again I have now realized that it is okay,whatever I have got. Life has taught me a lesson that not everyone we like will like us back. It doesn’t by any mean says that there is anything fundamentally wrong with me or unlovable about me that drive people away ,it proves I am more worthy then you realized . I am a priority for that special one only.

It now looks very simple as how we people meet and are just two very ordinary different type of people who are not suitable for each other. And I understand that there is nothing wrong with that.

I now to move on and need to let go of the wrong people to allow the right people enter into my life. I now know what type of relationship I don’t want to attract and know the one I want.

It is hard, yes very hard and may be very difficult at the beginning but I’m choosing myself over you,Soul mate and I have no choice . I am making myself busy to live my own life and I will care myself and not allow you to be in it. I will from now going to spend time with those people who know love and love themselves instead of fretting about whether you will come back and love me again. It is very necessary in life that we love ourselves first then to go out and tell others that we love them. No I am not selfish when I am putting myself first and let me frankly,honestly let you know that you are the last of my concerns.


7 thoughts on “I have moved on

  1. Perhaps your soul mate tried very hard to make you love your self , but you would not.
    She had to make you love her , only then you would learn what love is ….
    With out her having a beautiful soul you would not pine for her like this.
    She taught you to love your self by sacrificing her love for you , unless you learn to say ” I” , how can you say ” I love you ” ? May be she is lonely and waiting for you to stand up for your self …..

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    • I love your emotions in those words

      A woman speaking for a woman there

      I respect love the masterpiece created by the creator, women

      This I keep myself silent

      What I could what I was

      Is a story hidden within

      You saying she sacrificed

      Wish you knew the story in real

      Anyways thank you for reading and writing.

      I appreciate your words, thank you.

      The true lover stays alone just as I do

      Real lover does not seek and holds different hands dear

      Anyways thank you

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  2. Yes, I did feel hurt by the anger and betrayal in some posts …
    I may have spoken for the woman I do not know……
    A woman’s choices are never as free and from a position of true empowerment as that of a man.
    It is a man’s world in this country , so women who walk away always have a sadder story than that of a man is my gut feeling.
    I am sorry if I overstepped your boundaries or made it worse ….. Take care , move on……cheerfully.

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    • Well I never have hurt nor I can nor I will
      Loved once first time thus keep doing that
      Miss her still cry all night worry about her
      Need her desire her want her respect her love her
      I don’t blame you not anyone if they speak for a woman
      I feel I know you are only speaking from Indian society views
      See I knew this you too feel all man are same
      I apologize from the whole society if you feel hurt
      You never have to be sorry for speaking out heart
      I do this so I like others doing that too
      Here I express myself because no one as family to hear
      I am sorry if my words somehow came hard on you

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    • Heal yes I will because I have to grow
      Well all are not same to let you know
      She is loved and for life be in my heart
      As my heart cries I feel I make her cry
      Thus at times I talk to her with words on paper here
      So that she knows and feels that I need her more
      The soul of ours is never lost
      We neglect it thinking we are more then soul
      Body oriented we have been mechanised as
      Thus at times we act as we are the creator self

      By the way myself Pawan, Indian my beautiful sweet lovely Soul Mate SJ, Germany….. If ever you wish you may read my post.. 99 times out of 100 I only praise her, think of her because she is one reason I still breathe

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