Soul Mate I love you 

Never before I was in love nor any kind of relationship with a woman. First time my heart, my soul, every inch of me gave me feelings that she is all I was waiting for. And yes I was blessed and Source showered its grace as I met her, my Soul Mate. I loved her, love her and I know I will keep loving her. She is one I have been waiting for life’s I know. But somehow I maybe have to go by some for pain and thus she left me alone. But Soul Mate love stays, it keeps on growing. She is in me and this Soul will once again be ready to cover more of the distance of life to meet her on the path….


You are no more here,  You are no more willing to come.  But I feel your presence as if you are near me.  Whenever I close my eyes I see your face and even with open eyes I see you …

Source: Soul Mate I love you 


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