Moonlight orgasms

The meeting of us once again

The need and want of each other

Your Wild Wolf I am

My Little girl you are

We both are burning up from the inside

Even the modesty can not hide

Your nipples sticking straight 

So hard they almost hurt I can see

As I bring you nearer 

Pulling your  T-shirt over your head

Taking your  bra along with it

So that  the warm air swirls around you

Tickling your exposed nipples to hardness 

Comforting you more so than those clothes 

Hidden in the dark night

Swaddled by the breeze and my breath 

Enchanted by the moon above 

Let me be in you 

And you be in me

As we be one

My passionate kisses 

My erotic  touches

My fantasies breath 

Giving you orgasms under moonlight. 


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