Wanting you

​my blows stroking in with strength

as you are screaming and soaked

I growling your name from the back of my throat

making our bodies demand more

giving to the each other

high on the fluids of foreign substance

you grasping and releasing me

an effort to relieve yourself  of my control

as you are tasting my skin between your lips

as I cry out of soft pain

your teeth meeting my warm skin,

breathtaking taking moment I like

wound my hands in your hair

pulling until the flesh on your neck was taut

as I move into one final and breaking blow

forcing our way to the peaks of bliss

leaving our screams to echo on like battle cries.

the weight of me crushing you

as I  collapse on top of you 

hot and burning still

you glowing like an ember

casting a welcome light

asking as it seems

should I seek your gifts again

my burning desire to have you

increases again 


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