Our love my Soul Mate can never die

There is nothing called right time, perfect time. The day we were meant to meet we met. Reasons I don’t know why we separated but I know our love was deep. We could never make false promises because we are one from soul. So what if this not life we will come again some other life, meet, love and be one. So no matter where you are, with whom you are, let my Soul- let you know I will keep loving you because when a Scorpio loves he loves deep and as on spiritual path I learned love is to give not ask not expect anything in return. Love is to love many as many as you can, one who wishes to stay longer I am grateful and one who wants to be free I am grateful to you too. Because you allowed me to gain the experience of love and I now am more full of love. Love I am, my being is Love.



Our meeting was so perfect and our love I trust is perfect The day you came into my life I once again felt alive  My heart said our love is powerful and can never die I was so happy and full …

Source: Our love my Soul Mate can never die

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