Special someone someday

Why did you say you had reasons to leave, to break up our relationship. When to start we didn’t need a reason at all. We simply met online and slowly started talking, our talks turned to be deeper and then we got into intimate talks, slowly we started loving the presence of each other. From presence we started loving each others breath, then smiles and giggles. Those smiles turning to laughter. That laughter brought us closer and we decided to meet. See there was no reason needed to be one but why then you said there is reason to be apart and you show it as valid. 

One day I wish to meet someone who will not look to find reasons to say me goodbye, someday I wish to meet someone who will never look for reasons to say it is valid to break up. 

For now I am missing that someone special, yes missing but smiling within because I know, I trust I will find that special someone someday. With this trust I love myself more and I care for self more and learn to love more and more. 


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