I, you are not weak to love again

Maybe I loved you with all I had, maybe every inch of mine loved you, craved for you, desired you but let me tell it does not show that we are weak, sad or pathetic because we loved someone from deep within our heart and soul. We may at times write text some messages to see if a spark lights and the other returns back. No, no way I am an a****** as you called me, no way, I was simply trying to make once yours dream come true which was my beautiful dream to be one. I or anyone who loves deep truly is not at fault for believing in the words, promises, messages and good of the other. 

Never let myself from loving again, no way ,because I know when I  love someone I do it that way. So never let this behavior of the other turn you bitter or angry. Never let this experience make you lose faith in the beautiful emotion and feeling of “love” again. Always remember you are beautiful, you are worthy of love and to be loved because we are loved by many Souls and by the Nature, by the Universe, by Thee. 


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