Two souls… You and me

​Like me somewhere you are

We are just lost souls waiting to be found

As we roam the world where we are feeling alone 

Obstacles, situations come and go to which we are bound

On the path friendships come and go away

We both hoping one day someday that true love will come to stay 

A lots of wishes and fears inside our heads 
At times afraid to approach the unknown 

So many lonely nights on the cold empty beds

As we listen to the echo’s of the night time sounds

Our eyes closed and tears softly shed

At times finding hard to keep feet on ground

Our hearts entwined in the soul-searching test 

Hours into days and days into months

Months into years of the past haunting our minds

Staying in now and forever to put ourselves to rest

Maybe we have made mistakes  millions of times

Now rebuilding and starting again 

As we learn to forgive and hiding  pain 

We are just thrown in turmoil that is vast  

As we are reaching out to leave behind the past.

Reaching out to meet each other leaving the  past behind

In arms of each other one day the passion burning will be burnt someday

We two souls waiting to meet and each moment kiss and make love feel love create love. 


4 thoughts on “Two souls… You and me

  1. Wooow… What a deep poem indeed! I particularly loved the line: We are two lost souls waiting to be found. Love is such a deep venture, and when two souls get entwined, it is difficult to have them apart. Beautiful. And hey, I pretty sure love your blog. Pretty simple theme. Will be right back for more of these wildly imaginations that keep me glued on the screen… trying to join dots 🙂

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    • Love is really a blessing and when someone is blessed with it, oh that moment is graceful and divine. Once I was so I can say how it must be.. Yes till two souls meet they are in a search, a passion growing deep within… Well don’t really know if two souls if entwined never aparts because we never know what perception The other has. As they say we are what we think, so we never know what thoughts are running in the mind of other. It is just so true Life is mystery which means everything is mystery… We ourselves are a mystery and we don’t even many of us able to know self.

      Thank you for the sweet kind words. It means lots to have a lovely comment from you.

      Well we all are doing is just trying to join dots…. As once Steve Jobs said—-You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever.

      So maybe it is time for me to start doing that just for now a bit confused but really appreciate your presence on this silly freak minded blog. Thank you.

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      • Hahaha… I loved your last line on this reply: silly freak minded blog!

        I would say otherwise though. And yes, about Steve Jobs quote, that’s my favorite. Amidst confusion, let’s venture and forge forward all the same, with a sheer trust and belief that somehow, in the future, the dots will connect!

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        • Well that is me and I am grateful to Universe to have blessed me with what it thought is best…. Silly I stay because that way I can be the child always… Never allow others or self to hurt the inner child again.

          Maybe I too like the quote by Steve Jobs….. Something deep is there in it.

          Trust, faith, self belief yes these qualities will make us become the greatest version of our being and we need to….. Life in itself is a purpose and I feel becoming higher self or realizing the self is the only purpose in life.

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