Soul member 

​Some souls we meet and the feeling is so different and we start knowing each other as if we know them from before. This happens as we are here on the Earth for a journey and these souls are our soul family or soul group members. Read somewhere that we are a group of 200 souls which meet one another during the journey. 

Our soul family is the spiritual equivalent to our birth family here on earth. They may take the form of a relative here on earth, or could be anyone in our life. A soul groups purpose is to love, nurture, support, guide, protect and help us. Soul family/group members help align us with our soul’s purpose, and will accelerate our spiritual growth.

A certain spark fly when we connect with soul family/group. If there’s a sexual attraction, then these connections can be very exciting and passionate. Other times, the connection is more familial, one of instant kinship. No matter the nature of the connection, we will love them, and want to be with them, from the instant we meet.
Soul family/group connections are the most loving, supportive, nurturing and compassionate on earth. The connection is hugely powerful and undeniable. We both will be drawn together by forces stronger than any earthly conditions (i.e. gender, age, marital status). We may express the connection in a romantic coupling, or by becoming the very best of friends. This other person will always feel like family.
Soul family/group relationships have the greatest longevity. Of any relationship, this is the one that will last a lifetime (and beyond). The connection provides such amazing love and support, that no other relationship can surpass.
They may mirror or have a similar life experience as us, helping us to understand our situation better.
They may highlight our personality traits helping us to change or grow.

They help us to turn our weaknesses into strengths.

They help to balance out our energy and show us a different side of life.

They can help us to find patience, understanding and compassion.

They can highlight a need for us to heal or let go of certain events or emotions.

Both can work together to create, brainstorm ideas or bring visions into the light.

The other comes into our life to help us on our path right when we need it.

They help to advance our soul and our soul journey.

We work together to support global causes or a bigger vision.

We will feel excited to see them again always. When someone from our soul family shows up unannounced, we welcome them in and give them a warm deep passionate hug anyway.
Other people might aggravate us, but not our soul family/group member . We can look at their annoying behavior and see that they do not act out of negative intentions, but out of their own frustrations. Once we see this, we feel empathy for them and even a sense of urgency to help them eliminate the frustrating parts of their life.
At times whether or not we find them attractive, whether or not they are even the right gender for our romantic preferences, we wish that they were so  could be connected to them forever.
A soul  member is not in our life for personal gain or to dump all of their troubles on us. In fact, we will feel quite the opposite, we feel able to unburden ourselves due to their careful prompting and the gentle questions that they ask that allow us to feel comfortable opening up.
We can talk for  hours and not be a bit surprised about how much time has passed, because time seems not to exist while we are with our soul group member.
These souls challenge our old beliefs, question us on what is holding us back, and push us to achieve our goals and find fulfillment.
With these souls we may have just met but we start having deep conversations as if we know each other for months and years. It automatically looks like there is something pulling each other. There is as if some bond deep within hearts. 
We feel like we have taken a step back and can evaluate the path that our life is on with a totally fresh set of eyes when we have talked it over with one of our soul family/group member. 


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