Life…. Situations 

​If there is a problem in our life, we might and many times try to let it go. We will read, hear and get people telling us , “If you can’t find a solution to a problem, let it go, surrender.” 

We may then try to let it go, but the problem may not let us go. Life is like, if we get into some situation, it is like debt. We will have to pay it – If we are smart, we will pay one way, otherwise, we will pay another way, but we have to pay.
Every problem is a problem only because we call it so. In life, there are no problems – there are only situations. Everything is a situation. If we call it a “problem” it becomes a problem. If we call it “wonderful” it becomes wonderful. No situation is airtight because every situation is evolving. If we don’t want to be in a situation, we want to be somewhere else, then closely observe the situation and we will see where the doorways are. If we just want a breath of fresh air, we can open a window and make it a little relaxing. If we want to get out, we can open the door and walk out, that is our choice. If we stay, there is a consequence and if we leave, there is a consequence. 
With every situation there is a price attached and we have to pay for it. We must evaluate whether the price is worth paying. Only we can do that. All looks at the same situation from a different perspective and think the whole situation is ridiculous, but it may be valuable to some. It is not for somebody else to make the judgment; ww must evaluate what the price of that situation demands and whether we are willing to pay. Once we decide, all we need is to pay the price joyfully. If we don’t pay the price joyfully, we will have it and we will be miserable.  We need to judge there is no right and wrong. There is no such thing as a “good life.” But if we put ourselves wholeheartedly into something, it is a great life. If we really throw ourselves into something, however simple, it may be great in our experience. Somebody else may look at our life and think it is rubbish. That is their problem. In our experience, our life is great and that is all that matters.
A true problem would be that there are no new situations in one’s life, which means life is in stagnation mode.

In any given situation, we should not try to let go or distance ourselves or be detached. We should be ready to involve self absolutely. In our involvement, we will know the situation. When we know the situation, we see the price that the situation is demanding on our life. If we remain there, there is a price, if we leave still there is a price. It is only that we must see which price we are willing to pay.  Life is a continuum of situations, if we are on a growth trajectory, we will be constantly facing situations that we may not know how to handle. These situations may be challenging, but they are not a probleml . If we want to continuously be in a process of dynamic growth, we will constantly be in new situations that we may not necessarily know how to handle. If we are facing many of these so called problems, we are living a life of great possibility.

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