Goodbye was hard

​Watched you walk away

As the way you came into my life 

Hours turned into days

Days into months 

And months will turn into year and years

I searched myself in you found happiness 

But you announced you find sadness in me

I gave myself fully to you

I gave my love to you 

I showed my fears and darkness to you

But after you made up your mind

I see no sparks, no chemical reactions

There is no anxiety or pain

I see you have no fear or shame

Nor awkwardness not even embarrassment

There is even no giddiness or romantic thought

You had no wish to stay or call me mine

I thought you felt like home in my heart

But you proved me wrong

All promises and commitments 

In those moments were true

But no more love you have

For me and us

This was enough for me to know

It is time I say goodbye

After you said f*** off


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