Let the night ritual take place

we are on the bed
you sit on the floor now
taking off my pants
to have my hardness between lips,
quickly within as my manhood slips
deep groans from me
as you begin to suck
anticipate the coming fuck.
as our body moves with a sensual motion
both of us now
swimming in the erotic ocean


7 thoughts on “Let the night ritual take place

          • She is one who taught me love
            She is one who taught me to smile
            She is one who taught me to laugh
            She is one who made me learn I can be wanted too
            She is the one who once said if someone loved me from heart that person can never leave me
            She is simply she

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          • Well life has great chapters written for us to read….
            She was a blessing, a beautiful lesson she taught…
            Just as you are an Angel ,teaching me another lesson…
            I was then a student, still a student of life…
            Even tears I hide them with smiles so that others smiles and feel blessed
            At times I lose myself and am covered with dark clouds but have learned a lot on this journey of life. Nothing is real thus nothing remains, all that remains is we, our created emotions, memories and pages written for our book.

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