Smile and tears

I never smiled as much as when you loved me till date, I never cried as much as when you left me till date… A few things I learned on the love journey, thank you for teaching. 

Love isn’t fair… and that’s what makes it so beautiful.

Love is not happiness. If you’re looking for an unlimited, constant supply of happiness, love is not for you. Love is, however, purifying, inspiring, motivating, and an incredible source for personal growth and improvement.

Love is learned. 

Just like a language or a musical instrument, we learn love from the society and culture .

Promises are the gateway to everything beautiful about love. They are the foundation for trust and commitment. Keep the small promises you make and you’ll never have to worry about the big ones being broken.

You have an unlimited supply of love. 


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Love doesn’t have a quota or a cap. What determines how much you give or receive is… you.



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To love others, you must first love yourself. Allowing your self-worth and value as a human to be determined by how other people feel about you is selfish, and a short road to disappointment, sadness, and never reaching your full potential.


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If you are a giver just keep doing that, love is not for those who expect. Once expectations arise love is over and looks dirty. So give as much as you can with no wish to get back. Tears are part of expectations and smiles when we give. 


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