Love I will hold

Don’t regret a lot but sometimes I feel I am too be blamed as I could never show her how much I love her. My bad I guess she didn’t allow me the time to show her how much I wished to love her. Maybe I didn’t deserve to love her or maybe she was very fast to move away but anyways the love for her I still will now hold long…. 


8 thoughts on “Love I will hold

  1. Sometimes we’re left scratching our heads when things happen, and it’s super easy to heap the blame on ourselves or the other party. But really – who knows what will happen in the moment itself? All this is easier to do upon reflection. I hope you find a path out again, Pawan 🙂


    • Not heaping blame on her, never did, maybe sometimes ask her through words. To myself how can I blame when I never asked myself before been in love with her… Love happened on its own during those moments which it was meant to be and maybe the moment was strong and thus I lost her or maybe she lost me or I see we lost each other… Thank you for the sweet kind words.

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      • Oh…I see…I might have been too harsh with my choice of words. But even though it was short-lived, there’s no denying how it intoxicated the both of you, from your words…

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        • No, you never were harsh with words friend. Hmm we were in love, deep state of oneness, a feeling I thought we both will never let go….. It was not that we wanted to be in love, it was in those moments that we needed each other to be a whole.

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