Acceptance helps to be in present. 

Where I am right now is the place where I had to be. Nothing is wrong or by any mistake. 

Whatever I have now at this moment is what I had have manifested in subconscious state by form of feelings or thoughts . I am not given what I didn’t ask for. 

What I am going by or facing at this moment is what I did to have, the Karma is result of what I have at this given period. Karma is out of action and of thoughts. 

Accepting where I am, with what I have makes life more easier to live and enjoy. Life is beautiful when we accept everything as it is and this way it becomes easier to be here and now, present. 

The law of Universe is such that what we resist we become and get. Thus it is best to attract not resist and this can be done by accepting what I have and then changing them by attracting what I really want. 

When I start accepting I am in reality allowing to let go what does not serve me good and this way my heart is open to let in what I in reality am seeking. 

Stopping blame games is the best thing I learned in life and rather forwarding a helping hand gives me more then beautiful moments I thought off. 

When the time I am ready to look for answers within and understand things at deeper level I am blessed with a soul coming to me to teach me a lesson which helps my inner development .


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