Lesson learned… 


p style=”widows:2;”>It was hard as for many days I was lost. I cried at nights to wake up with pillows wet. It was such a  difficult road to walk on but I walked and learned. I loved, I gave my whole self to you, I trusted you more then anyone, I believed in you more then the sun and moon in the sky. I loved deep and lost, thus hurt deep too and I am changed. The lesson learned that people can hurt you deeply and then not even worry even when once I was everything for that special one. The people whom we think are the best can also change in just a moment and shake all trust invested. But one more thing I learned that I and many like me are strong, strong enough to let go. People come, people change and this is a harsh reality of life.


p style=”widows:1;”>wandering soul Pawan 

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