No more been played with mind


8 thoughts on “No more been played with mind

    • It took me almost life so far, it was after a very hard letting go relationship with my soul mate and then parents I realised that my heart was always my friend but I got slave to my mind. Mind played and I was just been played. Last month was in NeyyurDam and there for first time did Yoga for 10 days and I felt in love with myself. So no more listening to mind and just becoming a good obedient student of heart. 🙏

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      • That is so beautiful Pawan. To be able to control the mind is a very rare attribute. And I’ll say it is the attribute of the strong. And you are a very strong soul.
        I wish you all the best in life. And may you get whatever you dream of ♡♡

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        • Dropping the knowledge so that the ego drops. Moving with life and learning to flow. Dream of having no expectations but sometimes even this dream seems as an expectation, so still on path of learning and allowing life to do what it wants and let that breeze touch me and do what it wants to do. 😊🙏🙏


        • And thank you for the sweet kind words but I am not strong enough tbh. Yes for sure I know we are strong and brave then we think we are but we need to explore self.


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