Commitment with trust and love

In the train going to Rishikesh, India for a 10 day Yoga meditation retreat . But had to complete my third day of Yoga at I promised self to be available for 28 day Yoga growth. 


12 thoughts on “Commitment with trust and love

  1. Some of these yoga exercises seem more like gravity-defying feats, especially in that first photo of you balancing on one foot in that lotus position, if that’s the name for it?…Wow.

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    • The yoga asana are all related to breath thus all related to gravity. Almost all are just allow gravity to pull us down. Well in the photo I am sitting with one leg straight forward and other above the knee touching thigh and I need to stretch forward with back bending and holding the knee with my hands… Oh my it was a bit painful but some pains are really beautiful as the heart loves it. And thank you for the Wow 😂

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