Listening to heart. 

Right listening means that we are putting aside our mind. It does not mean that we are becoming  gullible or starting to  believe whatsoever is said to us. It has nothing to do with belief or disbelief. Right listening means, that I am not concerned right now whether to believe or not to believe,  no question of agreement or disagreement at this moment. It is that  I am simply trying to listen to whatsoever it is and decide what is right and what is wrong and then make a decision whether to follow or not to follow. The truth has a music of its own. If we can listen without prejudice, our heart will always  say what is true. If it is true, a bell kind starts ringing in our heart.


29 thoughts on “Listening to heart. 

        • Happy to know you are fine 😊
          Lunch on my I am hungry so may I join you….. If it is okay.

          And oh no I am so jealous it is snow, never ever seen snow till now… Aah sometimes feel so unlucky. 😒

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          • Well for a blind light would be fun for whole life thus for a person like me who has never seen snow 3 months or more would be just more then fun. It would be a blessing.
            Well beautiful sweet lady had I been not traveling in a train I would have found a 🍌. But guess I will not find and so…..

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          • Well I am searching for my inner being and my inner child wishes the outer self to get going and seek for the one whom I somehow neglected for long time and thus travel. And hey sweet person you are a great teaser 😂. And you know even in train I was able to do Yoga, meditate so I guess I can be I now. 😊. No thoughts when I travel so maybe I find myself again. And try someday a journey with me, three days no words but still so much I and you can talk and at the end both lost in silence reaching the Abyss.
            😀🌹🙏 wanna try.

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          • Just wanted to tell you – huge thx for all your kind comments! I do understand you r kinda over-reacting on my post only because of my selfies…😂😂 but it’s fun anyway. Great to have u here! Yoga forever 🙃😎🕺🕺🕺

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          • Well then beautiful soul friend, lovely lady there you just got all wrong. Sorry but sometimes seeing everyone the same way does no good.
            Thank you for the judgement. Take care.

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