Enjoy each moment 

Lesson learnt why are we not living life more and more playfully, nonseriously, ecstatically. Life can be so wonderful and beautiful. Ecstasy is not something which we can ever achieve by some efforts, ecstasy is actually a way of living. If we wish to live life moment to moment we have to be ecstatic because simple things have to be enjoyed. Life in reality gives us millions of opportunities to enjoy. We will always miss the life if we are purposive and think in terms of business. If each one of us wish that we all can live life beautifully all we have to help each other grow and from heart full of love and compassion think of making each other realize that walking together we can do the greatest service of mankind, there will be no need to run after money and there will be no attitude of business then.

4 thoughts on “Enjoy each moment 

    • So very happy for you. Yes each moment is beautiful and lovely if we are there. We try and look back or front thus we miss this moment and lack the state of satisfaction, happiness and go far from our intrinsic nature of Blissfulness


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