There is no mistake 

We need to #know and #learn to #forgive oneself as it is one of the #greatest #virtues, because if we cannot forgive #ourselves how can we ever forgive #others. The only thing is we need to learn from the #deed because when we do anything #wrong for first time it is not a #mistake and if we do it again and again it is not mistake but #habit. There is no such thing as a mistake in the #whole #existence .


10 thoughts on “There is no mistake 

    • If only you could…. Just a thought…
      I can do it…………… Just a thought

      All we need is to have that thought which can help us grow… I had been on at times find it hard to forgive myself but then I ask myself a question do I deserve to suffer for deeds of others. The answer is if you love yourself, respect yourself then you should forgive yourself and thus I keep this thought and forgive myself each day. 🙏


        • Don’t be hard on self… Try and witness…. Just be aware of each thought and slowly each moment we can be aware of.

          Tired we become because we think two ways…. Should I really forgive myself or hold myself as to be blamed.

          It is a struggle as long as we identify ourselves and our soul as two…. We are just a soul not the body.

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        • Love knows how to forgive. Not only does one have to forgive others, one has to forgive oneself too, and that is the harder thing because we have been taught to feel guilty; we are burdened by guilt.

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        • Don’t be or ever blame self or put self to be so hard.
          Trust me I did it for long and really made my own being suffer. Killing the heart is really a great mistake.

          Let whatever happen even if I see it is not my fault I still don’t blame the other anymore and I started forgiving self making it easier to forgive others because love for myself increasing more.

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          • Happiness is not our goal in life because life is to know the intrinsic value, that is Blissfulness.
            When I love myself, when I forgive myself I love others and forgive others too.

            We can give what we have within. The moment I have the quality in me it will be shared automatically to others.

            Thus there is peace …not running after happiness nor been pulled down by state of unhappiness

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