Imperfectly perfect we are. Time to see within the real self. 

​Many don’t realize and will never see how beautiful they are, on the inside and out. One thing many don’t realize is the perfect imperfection we are, powerful in ways that cannot be explained. At times we don’t even realize  how much loved and valued we are. We need to see that we are cared for in the ways we don’t see just because of our judgement, just because of our clouded perspective. At times we don’t realize  how good we are being ourselves . One thing we at times don’t realize is our ability we hold within and the superb powerhouse we are. 

We need is to rescue ourselves from the bad dream we are in, the self belief we have formed, the mode we have started viewing self. 

We need to stop being hard on ourselves. It’s not our fault that we are in such a position. We need to stop the reprimands and self hatred.
Time to sit and spend time alone. Time to see the inner child. Time to know self. Time to listen to the voice from deep within, time to listen keenly.  It is time we are awaken. The time is now to set ourselves free. We need to let go everything and just listen to our inner self. Trust self, we are better then this. 
The truth is we know who we are  better than anyone else. And when we look deep inside and realize this, what other people say doesn’t matter at all. 
Nobody can say anything about us truly and fully because whatsoever ,whatever the other people say is only about themselves. But we become very shaky, because we are still clinging to a false center. Actually been taught, conditioned false center depends on others, so we are always looking to what people are saying about us. And we are always following other people as we are always trying to satisfy them. To see deep we are always trying to be respectable, we are always trying to decorate our ego by thinking that we are doing the right thing by listening to them rather then self. 

We have invested for lives and lives in lies. The investment we have invested is lots and so much that the idea of truth frightens us. We avoid it, we always are willing to escape from truth. Actually lies are beautiful escapes as they are convenient and comfortable dreams. But each dream is followed by tremendous frustration and every desire is followed by deep failure. 

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