Oneness is real

Buddha is intrinsic to being human because if we were not Buddha, we could not be human. The word “Buddha” means “an awakened one,” one who is awake to things as they really are, without the coloring and attachments of our individual conditioning. So another meaning of Buddha is our unconditioned nature. 

We are all a connected whole, interrelated, one organism. All we need is to be creative,loving, meditative and share. And the more we share, the more existence will shower on us flowers of blissfulness and ecstasy.

The only good is to be in a position of oneness, so that we are not in a constant conflict within ourselves because that conflict destroys us,  leaves no energy to be shared. When we are one, the energy becomes so much that we become almost like a rain cloud, so full of rain that it wants to shower somewhere or other.Sharing is the most precious religious experience.

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