First of the Day 5 of April Yoga growth month challenge… Asana 

बद्धकोणासन(Bah-dah cone ahs-anna)   ,from Sanskrit words baddha meaning bound, kona meaning angle or split, and asana meaning posture. Most often, we find cobblers sitting in this position as they go about their daily chores. So another name for Baddha Konasana is the Cobbler Pose. It is also called the Butterfly Pose as the open hips joined by the feet and the up and down movements resemble the stance of a butterfly in motion.

These are some amazing benefits of the Baddha Konasana…..

This asana greatly benefits pregnant women, helping them have a smooth and easy delivery…..

This asana also enhances the functioning of the reproductive system in women. 

It helps improve blood circulation all over the body and stimulates the kidneys and the prostate gland along with the bladder and abdominal organs as well. 

A great stress reliever and  also helps reduce fatigue. It helps cure menstrual problems.

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