A lesson each day 

Amazing this world is when we look others as inspiration and accept ourselves as we are. Learning to be happy here we are at this moment and doing things to make other moments be beautiful as we want. Hard at times due to ego but when we know it is we who created ego barrier so it will only be who we can remove the hindrance. It is time to take full responsibility for our inner states. We need to learn not to blame someone for our inner state and it is we ourselves who have messed up by comparison and maybe by in some bad relationship. We need to be aware of our emotions. We need to start loving self and be compassionate towards self when we are sad ourselves. The other has no power to make us sad if we promise self not to be hurt by their action and words and we need to be compassionate towards them because they need love and our hugs instead of us blaming them and hurting them, as they themselves have missed love. 

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