No more saying…. “poor me”

Asking self these questions again and again I one day had to cry. Yes, it is hard to let go the conditioning and belief systems but they were no more serving me and doing good to me anymore.  Yes, it was Hard to let go for this moment The wonderful souls who gave me birth and blessed me to see this world… But I am from my parents I am not them, I cannot be. Yes, been Indian it was hard because of old traditions but I had to either be myself or stay as who they want to be. 

Walking the journey of life and on path of spiritual knowing I realized that I am the master of the internal  and the external is merely a manifestation of the internal. We never see the world as it is we can only see the world as WE ARE.

Being a victim was depriving myself of my own immense strength. At times saying “I can’t” or “How can I” was actually an act of suicide on my potential self. Complaining is resistance to the present moment, resistance to all that is. “When you complain, you make yourself a victim. Leave the situation or accept it. All else is madness.” -Eckhart Tolle——

Yes, life is difficult for everyone (some more than others), but it is only me who has the choice of whether to view difficulties as challenges to overcome, or as an excuse to say “poor me.”..

No more saying or accepting that it is poor me…. I am ready to walk on the unknown path to see all the mysteries life has for me …

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