On this auspicious day of Buddh Purnima taking one step ahead or maybe preparing self fully to take the quantum leap and be one with the Abyss. Reinventing self into what I too don’t even know can be. Yes, ready to dream big, bigger then even I can imagine. So what if I was hurt I am building that strong courage to love myself more then I ever did. Living besides doubts and fears what next breath will bring by taking into practice the radical love for oneself. Filling self with more compassion so that I am able to spread fragrance of it all over and let each soul near or far feel it. Knowing that I am not separate from anyone and all souls are part of me and I the part of the whole existence I am becoming house of Love and Compassion. Taking all courage to say, yes to myself even if for now parents and nearby people are not able to understand me or not willing to. Giving respect to self and taking responsibility of self. Accepting myself as I am and with it building the courage to be the greatest version of myself. Slowing peeling of all layers to become the beautiful lovely flower I am as I water the seed with trust and faith that it has the potentiality to grow into a Buddha. I am the writer of my destiny and I thus rewrite the script. I thus follow not what I know but knowing I can do whatever I wish to and so I am letting self to discover the passion hidden in deep inside me. Ready with trust and faith to take risk not knowing or anymore concerned about tomorrow. Becoming the Be so that I be the dance and the dancer along. Building the courage to be alive, breathe, dance, paint, love, laugh, be insane, freak with no fear of not been able to complete what I could of can be. Not thinking of what is right and not worried of how to do… Just flowing with the flow as I am the wave of the vast ocean. Trusting in the grace of the Source and Universe. Namaste 🙏

I from deep heart thank each and every soul for helping me to know who I am and what I can be. I am grateful to each one who trust me, was and is with me . I am grateful to those who see in me a potential and also thanking those who didn’t or don’t see in me The Be. 

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