Happy Buddha Purnima 

Let us all on this day, on Buddha Poornima salute the Buddha  within us and within the other. Many of us may not be aware of it that we are a Buddha but it is Universal truth that buddhahood is the very essential core of our being, it is not something to happen in the future  it has already happened . It is the very source from where we come , it is the source and the goal too. It is from buddhahood that we move, and it is to buddhahood that we move towards. Wishing myself and all of you A Happy Birthday as we are all enlightened and it is just time that we be aware. 

That what is echoed in the heart, reaches all corners of the universe. And anything that echoes in any corner of the universe, reaches to the heart. We are all one, we are all togetherness. Namaste 🙏🙏🙏


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