Mom I love you. Women I respect and love you. 

The very nature of woman is yin, she is receptive, cool, resting, flowing, yielding, soft, dark, and mysterious. She is in essence the womb of the universe, from which all emerges and to which everything returns. She is loving, compassionate, nurturing. She is tremendously powerful in the same way a river or an ocean is powerful. Water yields, and yet it can wear away rock. She is juicy, like a ripe fruit…..Thanking and grateful to all the women and bow down to all those who are Mom’s and are going to be. Happy Mother’s Day. 

The woman mothered us all for nine months, then she took every care, she loved us and is loving us for years. She is the solace, the warmth. Life is very very arithmetical ,mysterious and only a woman can become the poetry,the light in the dark on the path. 

I respect women in every dimension as being equally capable as men and I feel, I trust, I know she is more capable because she is closer to the center, the Heart. 

Namaste 🙏. Pawan, India.

Love you Mom.

Love and respect you Women. 


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