Dearest Me… You are Sexy 

I should have seldom told you how much I love you , admire you. You are so beautiful ,caring ,intelligent and strong. You are my hero and I should have told you not to care what others think and not to be afraid to be different. You should not be ashamed of who you are. But my mistake I should have ignored the jeers and snickers and shouldn’t have cared what people thought. Because doing that I said horrible things to shame you as I took you for granted and dishonored you and at times saying you’re not enough. I should not have told you that if you’d only be a better teacher, lover, friend, writer, yogi …then I’d love you. My mistake in saying that if you were more confident, more social, more assertive, then I’d respect you. 

I should never had right to say to you if you were more adventurous and good looking , if you achieved your goals then I’d want you. 

Sorry I’ve said things to you I wouldn’t say to my worst enemy and you’ve taken it and internalized every calloused word and I realize now that I’ve lost you.

I should have been there for you, have taken care of you, have fought harder to be the person you deserve.

I should have protected, defended, and cherished you and I am so very incredibly sorry I failed you. Sorry for hurting you and not reminding you every second of every day how wonderful you are , how worthy you are ,how brave and kind you are.Forgive me please as YOU are significant ,worthy,beautiful, smart and enough.

I know you are going through hard times right now and life hasn’t given you what you hoped and hasn’t turned out the way you thought it would. Yes I see you are disappointed and sometimes feel like a failure or that it is all your fault. 

But trust me dear me the truth is: YOU are not a failure nor you ever can be because you are strong , brave and honest and you will overcome all. YOU will come out on the other side more , than you’ve ever been before. You do not need anyone else’s approval, love, or friendship to be whole from right now we will be together and we are more then enough to conquer this new future. I’ve got you and this time I’m not letting go never , I will put you first ,respect you, honor you and cherish you. 😘🌹


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