Letter to Self

​Dear You,

Hello…. If no one has ever told you  how incredible you are, how deserving you are of all that’s good, or how capable you are then please let me be that first person. 
Remember it doesn’t matter if you once cheated on a test .

It doesn’t matter if you have tried to have every diet under the moon and sun in hope of having that “perfect” body.
It doesn’t matter if you said something hurtful to someone else out of your own hurt.
It doesn’t matter if you showed up your anger when you were frustrated within. 
It doesn’t matter if you told a lie, or maybe a few to save face or to avoid criticism.

It doesn’t matter if you had put on mask to see that you are not ashamed or feel guilty. 
It doesn’t matter if you may  used or still beating yourself up with or making yourself feel bad for. 

It doesn’t matter because shit happens it is part of journey. 

It doesn’t matter if you had dreams and they got broken and you cried hiding tears in rain. 

It doesn’t matter if you loved someone and then the other went away without even saying a word. 

It also doesn’t matter if you are just giver kind and thus get back nothing from anyone. 

There is no disregard for whatever you may have done or experienced. 

But remember I’m also not really trying to minimize those mistakes or even make them OK for you as that will be terrible of me and quite presumptuous. 

I only want you to know that you are incredible regardless and that those things don’t define you. 

These past moments don’t negate your level of awesomeness, or the fact that you deserve good things. 

These experiences and doings don’t negate just how capable you are as a person.

Remember…. You are Awesome 
Thank you 

Pawan, India. 


6 thoughts on “Letter to Self

    • Thank you for been so kind and sweet….. Neglecting self I was leading to no where so I felt I needed to talk to self and this letter is already showing up miracles. 🌹😊🙏

      Liked by 1 person

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