Be aware, be here and now, in present. Life is all in this moment. 

​Whether we realize or not we are always here and now because we cannot be anywhere else.Wherever we are it will always be here and now. We all are given only one moment at a time – and we can waste this moment in planning or worrying about the future but the future never comes. What comes will always here, now: it is a series of ?nows’ – one now, another now – but we are and will always be living in the now. It is because of the kind of worrying and planning we do for the future that a certain proverb exists in all the languages of the world: “Man goes on desiring, planning, worrying about the future – and God goes on disappointing him.”

Actually no one is there to disappoint us it is in our very planning we sow the seeds of disappointment as worrying about the future we are wasting the present; and slowly, slowly it becomes our second nature to worry about the future. So thus when the future comes, it will come as the present; and because of our wrong habit of worrying about the future we will again waste that moment also in worrying. 

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