Happiness is an art 

​Kindness we need to have for one another

To help the others grow 

Just like the rain 

Is needed for growth of plants. 

The more sunshine of love we spread

Will bring more happiness to self and others

Like the sunshine after rain

Which makes flowers bloom in colors

Giving each other hand in need

With compassion from heart within 

Will be just like the warmth we need

In cold days to warm us through the day. 

We need to Seek for the bliss

As it is our birthright.” 
We cannot remain lost in the jungle of pleasures. We need to rise little higher. Happiness is natural. It really needs no condition to be happy. If  happiness has a condition to it,we will always remain unhappy. If we cannot be happy just as we are ,we are never going to be happy ever. Unless we are happy, simply happy for no reason we are not going to be happy ever. Because we will always find something which will destroy our happiness as we will always feel like missing something. If we see deeply with awareness we will find the very desire for happiness brings about unhappiness. There is only one way to be happy and that is to be happy here and now, in present. Happiness is not a result. It is a way of life. It is an attitude, not a desire ,happiness is an art. 

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