Hello, why me 

who will I seduce
whom shall I love
they come bringing smiles
leave me gifting tears
each time I heal myself
ready to make me into two
they along with the Source
plans a different game
hello first time I shout
I am a human too
inside me is also a heart
which feels pain and hurt
I too have emotions in me
tears do roll of my eyes see
please don’t take me for granted
I give my cent percent when I love
stop playing with this self
it cries everytime you go
what if it wishes to love
in return it will love you


Gratitude…. Gratefulness 

Good morning to the Universe, Source, Nature, Thee and to all the amazing awesome souls. 

When we can see and be aware and in the moment we are capable of feeling grateful for both pain and pleasure, without any distinction, without any choice knowing that whether we like it or not we will know that it is for our growth because in the Universe nothing happens without a reason. Once we allow this idea to settle in our heart, then each moment of our life will be full of gratitude. Let us all let it become our meditation and our prayer, thanking Source /God /Thee for everything, whether it is smiles or tears, happiness or sadness . When we let this be our nature for the very first time a miracle will take place as silence will start arising in our heart, and this silence is Bliss, the miracle. Bliss is our intrinsic nature let us all have it and spread it.