Enjoy life as it is…. It is perfect 

​Life remains the same whatsoever we try do. It is already perfect , it cannot be improved upon. The very idea of improving it is egoistic ,it is the cause of our misery. We need to enjoy it rather then wasting our time in improving it because even if we try to improve it we will feel helpless, obviously, because we will be failing again and again, falling short. “AIS DHAMMO SANANTANO”, Gautam the Buddha has said: This is the way things are. Whenever people used to ask him, “How can we improve upon things?” he will always say, “AIS DHAMMO SANANTANO.” There is no need to improve, there is no way to improve.

The Isa Upanishad also says AUM ,that is perfect, that is whole. This is perfect, this is whole. The whole comes from the whole, the perfect comes from the perfect. Therefore “everything is as it should be”

This is one understanding we need to have which Buddha calls TATHATA, suchness. The rose is rose, the marigold is marigold.

The first thing is a deep, total acceptance of things as they are. Then our life will enter into a different dimension – the dimension of joy, celebration – because now the whole energy will be available to us so that we can dance, sing and just “BE”. We don’t need and try to improve because doing nothing is the best thing but it does not mean that we become inactive. It simply means we don’t make any effort to improve upon things, we need to simply relax. 

Forcing is doing but when we feel sleepy and sleep that is not doing but if we are not feeling sleepy and we force ourselves to go to sleep, that is doing, forcing. 

The mystics say eat when hungry, drink when thirsty, sleep when sleepy. Let go! Don’t try to struggle, don’t make life a conflict. Enjoy it! 

When we are living life this way each moment is precious and we will never feel helpless and we will never feel that nothing is getting better, because we are not expecting it to get better. It is already the best world that can be, the most perfect existence that ever can be. We need to accept we are just a small part of it we are just a small ripple in the infinite ocean and how can we want to improve upon the ocean. We need to simply Relax.


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